Sunday, July 26, 2015

Visitors from Ashore

Baking brownies with the Danielson girls

Loving up Margarita Dog
On the bow of the dingy to avoid crab pincers!
We enjoyed a visit from the Danielson family at Spencer Spit on Lopez Island.  A combo of camping, boating, playing on the beach, crabbing and of course some "long boarding" behind the dinghy! Simi was enjoying a week at Camp Orkila so our crew was short by one.  We welcomed the energy of the Danielson twins - and I think William was in 7-year old girl heaven!


  1. Hi! We are a family of 5 (12.5 girl,7.5 girl and 2 yr boy) on a Stevens 40. SV Shawnigan is leaving from San Francisco Aug 20th! We'll be heading down Baja around the same time I believe, but we will be going slower than the HAHA. We hope to see you out there!
    Happy Sailing, Josie

  2. We miss you guys! I hope you are enjoying Desolation Sound- wish we were there with you! Love, The Danielson's