Friday, April 4, 2014

Boating Electronics

We purchased our Hylas 47' knowing it had little coverage in the electronics department.  We enjoyed one summer getting to know the sails, anchoring systems, engine and water systems.  Keeping our electronics at bay with a VHF radio and IPad.  While there is a growing laundry list of maintenance items pertaining to the aforementioned systems, this spring we are knee deep in the world of electronics.

After long hours at the boat show, endless internet searches and truly valuable discussions with the crew of Totem, we have purchased a new SSB, MFD, VHF, B&G Radar and many other expensive and slick acronym based boat toys.  Last I heard, we were going to be able to see items on the sea floor as if we were aboard Steve Zissou's boat in Life Aquatic. 

The install begins next week over at CSR in Seattle (yes, you can guess what that stands for...).  While the Agamere is out of the water, she will be having her mast pulled and we will be refitting the mast base to cut off about 6 inches of corrosion we discovered last spring after transporting her up from San Diego. 

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